Sweet-ish Convoj

The first rule of Convoj is don't talk about Convoj. Being a sweet-ass band from Sweden has its minuses, the first of which is that you'll have to dig to find any information on them that isn't in a foreign language. Thankfully, they are part of two fantastic organizations, spanning half the globe between them. Sound/Friends has been mentioned here before, a Brooklyn-based superteam of artists/music-addicts/friends. They bear Convoj's banner stateside while youareawesome!! provides similar sweetness for Swedish artists/musicians. Thankfully YAA!!'s website is in English, so you can read Convoj's humorous bio in its pseudo(or intentionally)-pretentious glory. Basically, they're totally awesome at garnering internet buzz, they think really hard about their music, and their record is brilliant. But in all seriousness, they've got some moxy. Angular indie rock with decidedly American/UK influences (the Killers, Hot Hot Heat, Interpol, pre-electronica Bloc Party), this Swedish import is coming at you pre-hype, pre-fame. And I've just broken the first rule of Convoj. I doubt they'll mind.

A Swedish Mile
[from Wrapped in Coffee Filters|download]
Cultural Legacy
[from Sound/Friends 001|buy]


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I just LOVE this voice!


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