A Swift Recommendation

"Hey buddy...I saw you from inside...leaning on my car. What the fuck is up with that, huh? Do you see me...leaning on your car? huh? No. No. I'm gonna give you a couple minutes to think about it. I'm gonna sing this verse and then you can apologize to me right after I'm done. You got that?

Hey buddy...nice jacket. Nice fucking curly hair, too. That's great. Are you gonna say you're sorry yet for leaning on my car? Huh? Are you gonna say you're sorry? Hold on. Hold on, here's another verse. One second...

Yeah, nice ending. Jack. Jackass..."

I have no qualms with posting 3 of the 5 songs from Richard Swift's amazing EP because it's a free download anyway and that's the whole point. The other point is that you should have all five songs, fool. He treads some hallowed ground here, from Grease to James Brown to the Beatles, melding those sounds with tongue-in-cheek skills. Swift is an aural time machine and he's doing it better than anyone. Seriously dig into this fellow's catalog, if you fancy yourself a music lover.

The Bully
The Song for Milton Feher
[from Ground Trouble Jaw|download it for free, limited time]


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