Swinging from the Rafter

I wanted to write about Rafter immediately upon listening to his new Sweaty Magic EP, but it wasn't released until today. Instead, I played it through the big speakers at work, where it was met with a bevy of "who is this? it's awesome!" responses. I responded like only Rob from High Fidelity would: "I know."

I will now sell 5 copies of Rafter's Sweaty Magic EP.

This music is probably not what you're expecting. Unless you're expecting the world's strangest (and somehow resoundingly successful) blend of whale noises, blips, jangling guitars, horns, kazoos, kitchen sinks and synth bends, all forming the bed over which some of this year's best melodies lay. This is an odd marriage of The Flaming Lips and Girl Talk, the ceremony taking place in a dream sequence from The Science of Sleep.

Rafter's recipe for Sweaty Magic is as follows:
2 gallons Magic 92.5 San Diego's Old School
4 packages of dancing w/my hot girl @ the nightclub
Sprinkle of math metal

And to wrap it up:
"They always seemed what? They always seemed really great, is what they always seemed. They picked up where your precious Echo left off and you're sitting here complaining about no more Echo albums. I can't believe you don't own that record. That's insane."

[from Sweaty Magic EP|buy]


Blogger Dainon. said...

You cursed me. I love the stuff here and was about to hypnotically head in the right direction to order it ... only to learn it was OUT OF STOCK. Dammit.

You're too good, I guess.

7:57 PM  

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