Stars and Sad Robots

Stars are a pretty easy sell here. Though singers Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell have both tried their hand at solo and side work, it is only in Stars that they find the golden mean of melody and songwriting. Additionally, it's nice to be surprised. On September 27th, the band released a new blog containing only website address (sadrobots.ca), which led to a beautiful flash site announcing impending release of the Sad Robots EP only one week away. That week has passed and we are left with 6 new songs and a listen I prefer to most of last years In the Bedroom Before the War. Stars isn't messing around with what's made them loved here, but everything still sounds so fresh and so clean. It just goes to show that all these genre reinventions everyone else undergoes are superfluous. Maybe those bands just weren't good enough to continue doing what they used to be good at. Maybe only a few bands are.

Going, Going Gone
[from Sad Robots EP|buy]


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