Old World Maps + Atlases

Maps and Atlases are generally predictable. Not the band, the navigation tools. Maps rarely change (too much, at least) and Atlases are typically dependable. Boring would be a word. The band, however, is anything but ordinary. A listen to the first 20 seconds of "Witch" should be enough to convince you of that. They are weird enough for the weirdos with more than enough melody to please the pop-nazis. Stuccato rhythms bind together this loose framework of solid riffs and chiming odds and ends while the vocals literally dance around and throughout. A unique marriage of Santa's workshop and wherever it is in heaven that they make up names for angels. Forget the mundanities you associate with Maps and Atlases of old. It's a whole new world out there.

Ted Zancha
[from You and Me and the Mountain EP|buy]


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