No one sings about "pantaloons" and "marionettes" and "oligarchs" quite like The Decemberists' Colin Meloy, but this is commonly known. So with the 3rd and final (and best) installment of Always a Bridesmaid: A Singles Series, he takes on a more everyday subject: rain. This is particularly relevant because it's been ugly as a bruise outside of my apartment for a few days now. These two songs represent two different moods, both compelling and beautifully drab.

"Record Year" languishes along like an overflowing street drain sliding down the curb seeking the lowest point of the earth. Cello highlights the almost dissonant progression like low thunder in the distance, bellowing damnation. All the while, a bright banjo plays stuccato raindrops, keeping meter and tapping the windows insistently.

"Raincoat Song" is the B-side of both a rainstorm and this particular 12" record. This is the shower for contemplation on the balcony. This is like inspecting the leaves on the trees as they are pummeled by a hum of droplets, almost dancing. Like watching from above as the water hits the grass on the lawn below, moving like invisible feet waltzing lightly atop the blades. This is whimsical observation of the drone of tones from the tin rooves across the street, the smiling stabs of sun through far-off cloud cover, reminding you somehow of a love you can't quite begin to grasp.

Record Year
Raincoat Song
[from Always a Bridesmaid: Vol. III 12" (out 12.2)|pre-order]


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