Laying it on Thicke

*Whelp, I guess I'll stick to supporting acts that support my support of them instead of "big names" that kill my posts. I got numerous e-mails from people thanking me for introducing them to Robin Thicke, and in return his label asked Blogger to zap the whole post a la q-Tip's last week. My middle finger's getting a little worn out these days. oh well...

I know you ladies see Robin Thicke and feel the earth sway beneath your toes. I know the wind begins to caress your hips, pushing them left, then right, slow and sensual-like. I know you close your eyes because I close mine too. I swear his whispy Color-Me-Badd facial hair gives me nightmares.

Ok, the guy's made of silk. Ok, he's a poor-man's Justin Timberlake. Ok, you hated Growing Pains. Liar! That show rocked. Robin's making daddy proud, parting legs like the Red Sea, and bringing the soul like it's 1972. Daps to that, young'n.

The Sweetest Love*
Tie My Hands (feat. Lil Wayne)*
[from Something Else|buy]
*links removed at label's request


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with you about only supporting those that support to,but i am going to have to fight for Robin. I meet him in Baltimore after emailing him about my daughter and her love for him. His "handlers" and record company were not very nice; however when he noticed what they were saying and doing, he gave them the once over. HE is a great guy! He took pictures with me and signed muliple autographs. So even though we feel they are involved, we cant judge the artist by the execs. HE IS WORTH YOUR SUPPORT EVEN THOUGH THE RECORD COMPANY IS NOT!!!

5:21 PM  

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