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Hey I have no problem admitting that I've been thrown off the scent of many an amazing band by an odd choice in name. Grizzly Bear is probably the most regretful oversight, but this kind of thing happens when you have hundreds of new records a month flooding your inbox and the music world in general. I think the important part of this is admitting where I've made the wrong call. What's in a name anyway?

Ra Ra Riot, you deserve my humblest apologies. I would have put money on you being some kind of post-punk, possibly even synthcore, grouping of black-outfitted ruffians. I see now, two and half months after the release of your full length debut The Rhumb Line (Barsuk), how silly I was. Better late than never.

It'd be easy for violins to feel forced and contrived alongside the intelligent pop Ra Ra Riot is spinning. It'd be easy for a band to be swallowed up by expectations after being labeled as the next "it" band by Spin after their debut at CMJ in 2006. Instead, this fivesome from Syracuse makes it look easy. This record is simply cool. This is like being 17 when "Take On Me" came out. I feel like tossing on the stonewashed jeans, feathering my hair, and partying like its 1984. Not that The Rhumb Line is another tired '80s rehash. Nay, this record is hip enough for the hipsters, but fresher than a head of lettuce. This is a band unspoiled by lavishing blogs and music mags, young and full of rosy-cheeked optimism.

I took a chance on a band called Ra Ra Riot and I'm a happy man, indeed.

Too Too Fast
Run My Mouth
[from The Rhumb Line|buy]


Anonymous Danielle said...

I found out about Ra Ra Riot when I stumbled upon their first EP (really, all the best songs that ended up on The Rhumb Line). I had a chance to see them live this summer, and they are even greater in person (if you could imagine).

I love your blog! I just started a music blog of my own... check it out.



3:00 PM  
Blogger Subterranean Homesick Blues said...

I got a lucky chance to catch this band playing at The Bug Jar, about a year ago, blew me away. Never ended up buying their EP. I ended up getting some band called "syme". Now i live in regret.

11:27 PM  

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