Listening Assignments 10.27.08

1. Sebastien Grainger - American Names - This track is immediately anthemic and driving and it only increases over the duration. . Grainger is solo now, blazing a trail as far away from former band Death From Above 1979 as possible. Whatever direction that is, it is the right one. [from Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains|buy]

2. Rooney - Sleep Song - If you've seen the Chumscrubber (and if you haven't, do so immediately), you know this Rooney B-side is an integral part of the soundtrack. Specifically, two huge turning points involving suicide. It's a beautiful and dark song, but one I hope eventually separates itself from my memory of it in the movie (a la Elliott Smith's "Needle in the Hay"). I do wish the guitars were heavier in this mix like they were in the film... [watch the trailer]

3. Apes & Androids - Nights of the Week - I laugh every time this song plays, but I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be funny. Yet, it's here on the assignments because it's got long and sexy legs and it knows how to walk. The vocals border on sophomoric (emotive goth moaning?) before settling in somewhere around coyly confident. We've got numerous '80s throwbacks competing for time here: synth, 8-bit samples, digital-delayed lead guitar, and a smart little dance beat. Somehow, it works. [from Blood Moon|buy]

4. Styx Tyger - String Strikes - And here's the atmospheric sendoff. This voice comes from across an expanse of sky, over sunset-lit clouds to your clifftop dream-bed. Everything about it is soft and flowing and pastel. Fuzzy edges, slightly out of focus, impossible to grab. This song is smoke. [from Styx Tyger EP|myspace]


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