The Assignments 8.14

1. The Long Winters - Rich Wife - kicks off with one of my favorite guitar licks of the year, you'll know the one. This one's straight out of the "how to make a bouncy indie pop song" rulebook. In a good way.

2. Counterfit - Better Late Than Never - one of my favorite indie bands, complete with off-kilter, angular rythms, and lots of rock. I wish there were more bands making this type of stuff today. Exactly like this.

3. Sunparlour Players - Talk to Death - i imagine this song being played in a totally amazing independent film over a montage including (but not limited to) a breakup, a pillowfight, a footrace, crying, dancing, and singing in the mirror with a hairbrush as a microphone.

4. Josh Ritter - Lillian, Egypt - and he's back. why am I a sucker for hooks that contain "la-la's"? oh well. great toe-tapping off-into-the-sunset song.


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