It's Monday. Assignments are in.

Today, I'm highlighting 4 artists that I had never even HEARD of 7 days ago. I'm going to guess you've never heard of them either. That being said, this is one of my favorite assignments.

1. What Made Milwaukee Famous - Sweet Lady - This band is trapped somewhere between the upbeat meanderings of The Long Winters and the beautiful powerpop of Bleu, a location I might dare to describe as "heaven". This one is way fun.

2. Canasta - Impostors - there's a little bit of Freddie Mercury here and an awful lot of Some by Sea (RIP). If wurlitzer and violins make you happy, prepare to be happy.

3. Inara George - Genius - a fantastic, short, upbeat pop ditty. Reminds me a lot of one of my heroes Jonatha Brooke.

4. Bel Auburn - Roses - for all you mainstreamers out there, here's a band who loves Jimmy Eat World. Don't let that scare you.


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