Til the Sun Turns Black

Ray-Ray! Where have you been all my life? I feel like I'm sitting on shag carpeting watching the opening credits for The Wonder Years. Yes, this stuff is taking me back to a reality that never existed for me, one that existed before I was even born. Because good songs are timeless, that's why. Ray LaMontagne can sing his ass off.

Honestly, the hardest thing about this post was picking the three tracks I wanted to share. But since I'm making a post about The Last Kiss tomorrow, that helps narrow it down. I guess you'll know more what that means tomorrow, won't you?

Three More Days - from Until the Sun Turns Black (2006)
Trouble - from Trouble (2004)
Crazy - really grand Gnarls Barkley cover.


Blogger amanda said...

just saw him earlier this month. what a gem. "shelter" is my favorite from Trouble.

randomly, kelly clarkson (i know, cringe) covered "shelter" for a hurricane katrina benefit and it was gorgeous. i need to find that...

1:11 AM  

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