Fresh Cooked Assignments 9.25

I was torn this week between way too many good songs. Don't you hate it when that happens. Anyway, as a remedy, I'm essentially going to stick with the assignments being more obscure because the whole point is to possibly turn you on to something you wouldn't find on your own. In the next few days, I'll be posting some of the brand new stuff by Ben Kweller, John Mayer, Beck, Scissor Sisters, and Damien Rice so you'll get your fill of new popular music too. enfuego. On with the assignments...

1. Colour Revolt - Mattresses Underwater - The prospect of this band excites me. It's bright and uplifting, lazy and just weird enough to be really interesting. Their aesthetic falls somewhere between Copeland and The Secret Machines and if you're familiar with both, I'd wager you're more than a little excited. [buy]

2. The Kamikaze Hearts - Half of Me - this song wants to get next to you and hold your head against its collarbone while you sob yourself to sleep. When it gets to the chorus and rocks back and forth and builds up and up, my eyes get a little glassy every time. Small world alert: the bassist from the Orange (Ben Karis of Jupiter Sunrise's old band) is the bassist for this alt-country outfit. [buy]

3. Mason Proper - Chemical Dress Eliza - i'm afraid to throw out a word like "hip" without you conjuring up false images of interpol or the strokes. this song is just hip to me. if the French Kicks were more jangly, if Apollo Sunshine was less poppy, perhaps they'd be Mason Proper. [buy]

4. Madeleine Peyroux - Everbody's Talkin' - I'm going to go ahead and greenlight this one because it's helplessly lovable. I could listen to this on repeat and probably will. It's the perfect song for rain on a window, sunlight on a doorstep, daydreaming of new love, reminiscing of old love, making sweet love, folding fresh laundry, or watching a baby sleep. Trust me on this. [buy]


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