Oh Pinback, you jest!

ahh Pinback, how you soothe me with notes of pluckiness and precision. I definitely count them in the frontrunners of influences in indie pop today. Infectious basslines, signature guitar tones, sparse and tight rythm section and dreamy layered vocals make this California band an awesome needle in the proverbial haystack of crap.

Avignon [from Nautical Antiques, 2006|buy]
This Red Book [from Summer in Abaddon, 2004|buy]
X.I.Y. [from Blue Screen Life, 2001|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just picked up "Nautical Antiques" today while perusing the aisles of Best Buy and it's amazing how such great music can end up on the cutting room floor.

certainly has me all excited over the new 2007 full length.

1:59 AM  

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