9.11. Listening Assignments

1. Christine Fellows - Souvenirs - this is a tale of the road, not from the perspective of passenger or driver, but of someone left behind. other tracks ooze Joanna Newsom or even the Mountain Goats. [buy]

2. What Made Milwaukee Famous - Curtains! - ahhh Barsuk, you insist on only signing amazing bands. I think I mentioned the similarities to labelmates the Long Winters a few weeks ago, now it's fitting that they're touring together. Upbeat, triumphant powerpop. [buy]

3. Kunek - Coma - if I were one to split hairs, I might say the reverb on the vox is too Coldplay. Throw in the piano and you're looking like a copycat. Still, this song moves on its own and has a great swelling bridge. [buy]

4. The Never - Cavity - Chapel Hill, NC seems to pop out a new great band every year and this one is no exception. The chorus is unbelievably catchy. This is what I wish Weezer sounded like. [buy]


Blogger Anita Applebaum said...

OMG I love Mountain Goats and I've never known anyone else who's heard of them (should have known you would, though). I bought the CD for my (now ex-)boyfriend, and he didn't like it! Jeez.

1:15 PM  

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