Iron Chef Marit Larsen

This is an entirely pleasant development. It's bright and shiny. Totally approachable, but still quite plucky and peculiar. Imagine a kitchen, like those on a cable TV cooking show. Only in this kitchen, there are a lot of cooks and they're making multiple dishes. The Dixie Chicks are making meatloaf shaped like a banjo. John Mayer's whipping up a cake. Luke Temple is whipping up a delicious mandarin chicken salad. Eisley is doing the dishes and singing "London Bridge is Falling Down" in a round and trying to get everyone else to join in. That's the scene I picture when I listen to Marit Larsen. I want to eat that banjomeatloaf!

The Sinking Game
Come Closer
To An End
all three from Under the Surface [buy]


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