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Margot and the Nuclear So and So's are like a mouthful of marigolds. Beauty and sadness; whimsy and solemnity. My musical brotherfromanothermother Jake recommended them to me last week and pretty much guaranteed that I'd like them. Little did I know that I've been listening to them for months without even realizing it. "Skeleton Key" has been in my iTunes rotation pretty regularly. Now, after spinning the record 4 or 5 times, I find that song's not even cracking the top half of the serene collection of tracks that make up The Dust of Retreat [buy]. There's definitely something for everyone. The soundtrack to a hurting or hopeful heart. Muted horns, polite piano, delicate male/female vox. Shades of Ben Gibbard/early Deathcab, Some By Sea, The Pushstars, and Bright Eyes. The hardest part was picking three to preview.

Dress Me Like a Clown
A Light on a Hill
Talking in Code
If you like these, go check out the demo for As Tall As Cliffs over at My Old Kentucky Blog


Blogger Indie Jake said...

In all fairness, the true props have to go to Danielle for finding yet another great '06 album we may well have both missed (Gomez, anyone?).

3:15 AM  

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