The Assignments 9.18


1. Julie Doiron - Ce Charmant Coeur - this song owns. Is it the french? Am I a sucker for french? It's so pretty.


2. Via Audio - Developing Active People - I was turned onto this because Chris Walla was raving and I'd have to agree. This was the only song I could find that I could download, but rest assured I'm buying the full length as soon as it's out. This track from the EP is catchy and pretty and poppy. Surprise! It kind of sounds like Deathcab with more female vox.


3. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Let's Get Tired! - an older track from another one of my favorite bands of '06. Pleasant is consistently the word that comes to mind . A shorty, but a goody.


4. Midlake - Bandits - This record is easily cracking my top 5 at the end of the year. It's a serene blend of nostalgia and freshness. It sounds like brown and yellow leaves hitting the ground. It sounds like the soft whoosh of traffic as it passes you on a roadtrip through the mountains when your window is only open a crack.


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