Isafari, yousafari, WESAFARI.

It's time to revisit Wesafari for the following reasons: 1. It's always time to revisit Wesafari. 2. It's been nearly 1.75 years since the release of this amazing record Alaska. 3. They are not yet a global phenomenon and should be.

Records like this one do not fall off trees. Unfortunately, they also do not fly off record store shelves (mostly because you can't find it on the East Coast, to my knowledge). Entirely self-produced and distributed, Wesafari is relatively unknown in their own hometown of Seattle, the natives distracted by other Pacific Northwest heavyweights like The Decemberists, Deathcab for Cutie, The Shins, etc. They are the underdogs with no expectations. In near obscurity, they crafted this stellar collection of sounds, samples, and hooks into an album that has easily breached my all-time top 20. Now all they need is a follow-up.

Listen: [from Alaska|OpAmp Records 2005|buy]
Shooting Stars
Whale Boy
From Glacier to Sea


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, what the fuck is up with blog ad people? You're going to tote this shit around when someone is trying to talk about Wesafari?!

If anyone reads this refrain from clicking on that link and instead click on the buy link Drew has posted. It'd be WAY worth your while. Alaska was definately one of my favorite records of last year.

Fucking spammers are everywhere!!


6:28 PM  

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