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It's been a long time since O was released. In the between time, Damien Rice ended up everywhere, greatly due to soundtracks, TV appearances, and a cool sounding name. While all that was happening, he was writing the followup [9, out November 6th], which looks poised to match its predecessor's emotive folk-tinged balladry if not overtake it. The first single has started popping up around the net. It's a piano-driven balled featuring more of Lisa Hannigan, his co-conspirer from O.

9 Lives
The Blowers Daughter Pt 2 (live)

I maintain that Scissor Sisters are this generation's Village People. That notwithstanding, they also manage to blend rampant Prince, Elton John and Jamiroquai influences into an infectious blend of flambouyant pianosynthdancepop. The album Ta-Dah just dropped today. Of the 5 or 6 tracks I've heard, Paul McCartney is the standout and therefore, that's what you're getting as well as the single from the last album, which you should know already.

Paul McCartney
Take Your Mama


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