Philip Uster and the House Floor

It is with great pleasure that I am privileged today to introduce to the world one of my favorite bands. Philip Uster and the House Floor, welcome to office. Part 3 of the noisepop series (dismemberment plan, so many dynamos) leads us to this Blacksburg, VA quintet poised to make some serious noise in the indie music community in the upcoming new year. Continuing the traditions of the late greats Q and Not U (but catchier) and Dismemberment Plan (but dancier), the House Floor step into a room all their own where they can shake it in the mirror like no one is watching. People are starting to watch, however. In 6 short weeks and despite playing outside of their hometown only a small handful of times, the boys have topped 10,000 plays on their myspace page. This music feels like the start of the fire. They've got the lighters. You're the fuel.

Rebel Eyes
Or Violence
[from The House Floor EP|be their friend on myspace]


Anonymous Justin Stredney said...

Just an FYI for those of you, quite like myself, harassing Drew for the 7 song EP from these guys.


They have graciously posted it in quality for free download for fans at the aforementioned website.


6:32 PM  

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