Scatteredtrees stand tall.

This post has been over a year in the making because this band is still criminally unknown and undistributed. Scatteredtrees, like many great bands these days (mae, the format), began as a studio project. Everything essentially boils down to the flaxen-voiced Nathan Eiesland, a native of tiny Brainerd, MN (made famous in Fargo). He wrote a song each month for 10 months of the year and enlisted some friends to help record it back in 2005. I caught wind of it and was immediately hooked. Alas, I tired of streaming the songs and the record wasn't (and still isn't) available in stores anywhere. Over time, the project would morph to include a live band, move their home base to Chicago and record their first serious full length album in Minneapolis, MN. The new songs would become Song for My Grandfather (released August 2006), a beautiful album of with lush acoustic guitars, female vocal accompaniment, and crammed full of pop hooks. RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, Copeland. Picking three songs to highlight was nigh-impossible, but here they are.

Most Beautiful Song
Where We've Already Gone
Hear You Say
[from Song for My Grandfather|buy $10, free shipping]


Blogger Indie Jake said...

drew, did you seriously just say "for each of the 10 months of the year"?

4:39 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

I wondered if that was going to pass ;)

4:56 PM  

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