Hey! Mercedes!

I apologize for the delay little ones, but I'm still in the midst of moving everything! Tonight, my band is playing in Norfolk, but I thought I'd take a few to throw a musical morsel at your feet. Hey Mercedes was "one of those bands" that changed the way I listened to music. I wish I had Everynight Fire Works on this computer because it's in my all-time top 20 and contains some incredible songs. Still, Loses Control is a great album in its own right, a fitting bookend on an all-too-short lifespan. These days, I don't know what's happening to any of the members outside of frontman Bob Nanna (he's been writing 1 minute songs for just about every threadless shirt released. a really cool idea). Believe it or not, Hey Mercedes/Braid was probably your favorite indie band's favorite indie band.

Quality Revenge at Last
Oh Penny
[all from Takes Control|buy]


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