1. Grizzly Bear - Easier - Easily one of the best albums of 2006, this is a masterpiece of arrangement and beautiful psychedelia. This is the soundtrack for my favorite dream. [from Yellow House|buy]

2. The Morning Benders - I Was Wrong - Who says channeling the Shins is a bad thing? It sounds like a male-fronted Eames Era. It even reminds me instrumentally of one of the up-tempo gems on Elliott Smith's Figure 8 and XO. That means it's playful and immediately enjoyable. [from Loose Change|buy]

3. Stars of Track and Field - Movies of Antarctica - And now onto the epic, fringe-mainstream rock. The sound is big enough to be mistaken for Snow Patrol and hey, I like the cover art. [from Centuries Before Love and War|buy]

4. Foo Fighters - Walking After You - This entire live acoustic album is surprisingly strong, but I chose to run away from the obvious choices like Hero, Everlong, etc, and towards a song I always loved, but hadn't heard in years until last Friday night while sitting next to the most beautiful girl in the room. I thought it was fitting. [from Skin and Bones|buy]


Blogger Kelly & Jose said...

see that you're a fan of the morning benders as well :)

like what you've done with the place -- we'll tell others

10:35 AM  

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