Way to go Idaho!

Jeff Martin has been Idaho for quite some time. Since 1992 in fact. I was 10 years old when he started making this beautiful music with a few friends as a studio project. As surprising as Idaho's longevity is that they actually flirted with a few moments of fleeting fame over the time. Critics have loved this band since its inception: Pitchfork (1997), Alternative Press (1995), Billboard Magazine (2001), The New Yorker (2000), and Village Voice (2006). Along with Red House Painters (Mark Kozalek), Martin pioneered the slowcore movement of the early '90s and somehow remains, a dinosaur composing the same timeless pop and angst-tinged burners. He deserves a new wave of listeners.

Just Might Run [from The Lone Gunman]
Wandering the Fields [from Levitate]
To Be The One [from Vieux Carré]
[buy Idaho @ Retrophonic]


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Cool!! New cd almost finished:)

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