A link Update!

I'm heading to Richmond for 24 hours so I don't have time for a new official music post, but I've been working feverishly on my top 50 songs of 06 list as well as my top 20 albums and will begin to post them upon return. I plan on offering the top 20 songs for download. In the meantime, here are some amazing sites that have inspired me recently:

1. Marmaduke Explained - Creator Joe Mathlete explains in plain english exactly why (or why not) this cartoon is funny.

"Marmaduke is wearing a pair of specially-modified dog skis on his daily walk through his neighborhood, where it has recently snowed. His owner-lady pleads with him not to get carried away and attempt any dangerous maneuvers, but truth be told, Owner-Lady forfeited any and all rights to her own physical well-being the moment she allowed herself to be dragged behind a monstrous Great Dane on skis who lives to torment and humiliate her. The shit-eating grin on Marmaduke's face indicates that fancy slalom stuff was a foregone conclusion."

2. Indexed - I'm not sure who is, but I do know he/she is a genius. Daily diagrams on index cards of hilarious and profound situations.

3. 30 days of Threadless - This is the mother of holiday t-shirt sales with new designs out every single day, all on sale for only $10. For instance:


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