The Dears, Defenders of the Universe

With a nondescript name like The Dears, it's fairly easy to float under the radar. Not that this Montreal band has ("They are determined to console underdogs and befriend the alienated" -New York Times, "When the band shines, it reaches stunning heights." -Spin). Currently on tour with the fantastically complimentary Annuals, the Dears are just pushing their way further into the psyche of the intelligent indie-rock listener. It'd be depressing if it weren't so awesome, honestly.

You and I are a Gang of Losers (highly recommended)
Hate then Love
[from Gang of Losers|buy]
Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe?
[from No Cities Left|buy]


Anonymous Shore said...

There songs are great. :) Thanks for sharing.

3:32 AM  

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