Listening Assignments 1.29.07

1. Longpigs - On and On - Welcome back to 1996, though you probably don't remember this song because it was on and off the radio in a matter of weeks, I believe. Anyway, this is probably one of my favorite songs of the era. It's like Oasis, but good. hahahahahaha. Don't mind me. [from THE SUN iS OfTEN oUT|buy]

2. Sondre Lerche - After All - I wonder if Sondre speaks English around his native country of Norway. His English is impeccable as is his grasp on the concept of writing a delicious pop song, be it in the vain of rock, jazz (last year's Duper Sessions), or folkishness. This is just plucky enough to be interesting, casual without sounding lazy. It's just nice, you know? [from Phantom Punch (out Feb 6th)|buy]

3. Rob Crow - Up - Do you recognize this guitar tone by now? I love that I could hear this guitar alongside 100 guitars and know where Rob was. I haven't heard a song longer than 3 minutes from his new album, but his songwriting is concentrated to the bone, focusing on the hook and the feel. [from Living Well|buy]

4. The Frames - The Cost - This song kills me. It just smolders in my head, the beautifully heavy guitar tone, the slow tap tap tap of the hi-hats and sparse snare, the climactic bridge. This song is just mournfully huge. [from The Cost (out Feb 20th)|buy]


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