God's Promise (Woodie Guthrie)

The last three weeks have been a flurry of posts and amazing music and at a record clip, you have eaten it up and shot though various amounts of bandwidth like the proverbial hot knife through butter and I couldn't be happier about it. But today is Friday and I'm a sad puppy for reasons I'm not about to spill on my music blog. It's a heaviness within, a burning sensation of enormous mass, and at the same time it's a feeling of a sprawling emptiness, the fingers of which creep around each organ in my chest and cradle it with trembling urgency. My heart beats like a sprinter, but my legs are the lead weights of an invalid. So much so that if I just could allow it, my heart would take over my brain, sprout Hermes-like wings and lift my body (useless legs and all) into the air and race the 93 miles to the one place in the world I want to be. But I just can't. I just can't.

This song comforts me.

Ellis Paul - God's Promise


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