Semi-Sweet Acoustic Chocolate

I've been listening to a bunch of obscure but provocative acoustic music recently. Stuff that doesn't really deserve its own post or even a spot in the normal assignments per se, but I felt should be heard. Thanks to Said the Gramophone for the heads up on at least two of them over the last few weeks.

Timber - Criminals - beautiful guitar melody and bonus points for hot-sounding female backup singer. [from The New Gentleman's Shuffle|buy]
Sleeping States - Don't Make Me Over - This song really starts to get great around 1:03 with a changed melody and weird backwards-accordion-sounding effect. And then some weird clicking and squeaking? Then more melody changes! and then and then! If you've made it this far, congrats. [from Distances Are Great|buy]
Sounds Like Fall - St. Majella - Definitely the most straightforward of the collection. Nice slide guitarwork, a decidedly Pete Yorn-ish mood, and a strong melody propel this song to being a worthy repeat. [from The Wolf is at the Door|buy]
Samamidon - Falsehearted Chicken - My spirits are lifted by this half-goofy banjo pickin' ode to chicken. Trust me, it'll make you smile a little. As might this video below. [from But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted (out Feb 20th)|info]


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