The Consequence of Sounds

The merits and detractors of instrumental music have been spilled here before, but unmentioned since. If I had to guess I'd say maybe 5% of my music collection is instrumental, the majority of the 5% being full discs by Kaki King, Mogwai, Rachel's, Lymbyc System, and Godspeed...! and a small portion of single songs and EPs by various bands. That 5% definitely gets played more than 5% of the time due to its ability to sympathize, emphasize, and aurally express a series of personal emotions I might be oozing at any given time. The best tracks are a journey, not unlike a narrative, not too far from the basic building blocks of a dramatic work. Dynamic Hero, Villain, Problem, Solution, Climax, Conclusion. I have the most respect for someone who can weave that thread fully in less than 10 minutes. These three fit the bill:

Somme - Massless [from Weight|info]
Tape - Sand Dunes [from Rideau|info]
This Will Destroy You - The World is Our ___ [from Young Mountain|buy]

Cute video for "Sand Dunes"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the This Will Destroy You track. Good rec.

4:31 AM  

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