Ryan Adams on Heartbreak

I've had many High Fidelity-esque moments in my life, but few are a closer parallel to multiple conversations I've had about Ryan Adams that were very similar to the following quote: Me: "Ahh, he always seemed..." Them: "He always seemed what? He always seemed really great is what he always seemed...I can't believe you don't own this f$&king record! That's insane. Jesus!" My main problem is that there are something like 8 Ryan Adams albums in the last 6 years. And not all of it rocks my face off. Therefore, I've done some delving into the stacks and picked out a few key tracks that ring true with me at the moment. I could very easily pick three others. But this is what you get. Beggars cannot be choosers.

Amy - This song was a prophecy, I just didn't know it until it was too late. Is God playing evil tricks on me?
Come Pick Me Up - This is a self-destructive love song full of tragic resignation and harmonica.
[from Heartbreaker|buy]
The Shadowlands - Heartache, fatigue, emptiness, beauty, tear spots on a pillow, longing, devastation, beauty.
[from Love is Hell, Pt 1|buy]


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