Listening Assignments 2.5.2007

1. Voxtrot - Soft & Warm - Some of you may remember the video post for Sparrow House a short while back. This is his band. It's bouncy and indie and happy-sounding. With violins. [from Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives |buy]

2. Wheat - Breathe - A Come Onnnnnnn. There's a new Wheat album due in spring and I couldn't be happier. Their hooks are so...hooky. I wore this album out the first few weeks I bought this in '03. Not in a bad way. I just re-found it. It's like new again! [from Per Second, Per Second, Per Second...Every Second|buy]

3. Sia - Breathe Me - The way this song builds, combined with its whispering delicacy makes me weak-kneed. Think of a less synthy Imogen Heap. If the voice sounds familiar, that's because she was in Zero 7. [from Colour the Small One|buy]

4. Samamidon - Tribulation - If you saw the video for this here last week, you know why this song is amazing. The bridge blows me away every time. This is just so...reverent. [from But this Chicken Proved Falsehearted|buy]
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Blogger Mulberry Panda 96 said...

I just discovered Wheat and "Per Second" last year. I can't stop listening to it. It's pop perfection, with only "World United Already" coming close to being filler. And guess what? Wheat is apologizing for this album on their MySpace page. My heart is broken.

4:55 PM  

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