Blitzen Trapper: A Keeper

Finally a Blitzen Trapper post. You might remember them from back in October when "Summertwin" (highly rec'd) made the listening assignments. Then again, chances are I was just a glint in your father's eye back in October. In which case now is as good a time as any to check out this Portland, OR band who will toil in obscurity no more. They've got an inspiring sound, ranging from Sufjan-esque fingerpickings to haphazard Menomena-like arrangements. Let me also say that these two stellar tracks are outtakes from this upcoming album. Which makes me a little more than just a little excited for it to come out.

Jericho - "the city, like a drum, is beaten by the long arm of the sun"
Cool Love #1 - "you know you're such a cool love, yeah you know you're number one"
[NOT from Wild Mountain Nation (out 6.12)|info]


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