Skye's the Limit

Ha! Sorry, I'm still laughing at the ridiculous title of this post. Ok I'm better now. If you cut open Skye Zentz, I'd put money on her bleeding a tune. In not much over a year, she's picked up a ukulele, become sponsored by Lanikai, and recorded Legitimate Bohemia, her very first real album. It's a wandering folk anthem, with all the trimmings. Generous helpings of ukulele, acoustic guitar, and Skye's songbird voice abound, but upright bass, lap steel, glockenspiel, cello, concertina and tons of random percussion leave their subtle mark on the album. It's a breezy, summery breath of air, it whispers through your hair. It's got heart to spare.

Ode to an Absent Self
[from Legitimate Bohemia|info]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciated your title. RIP

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