Paste Sampler 33 (5th Anniversary)

The 5th Anniversary Issue of Paste Magazine was delivered to my mailbox two days ago, a much-belated birthday gift from my good friend Amanda (my birthday was 4/22!). I'm thrilled, obviously, but especially so because I can't think of a better first issue to receive. It's got a beautiful cover (which is too big to scan and you can't even find online yet), some really interesting insights on the roots of the mag, and the sampler CD that comes with it every month has some really strong stuff on it. Paste is definitely one of the more unpretentious, aesthetically pleasing, and interesting music magazines out there.

Jason Isbell - Chicago Promenade - a highly pleasant blend of The Kamikaze Hearts and The Velvet Teen-like alt-country sounds with a more polished edge.
Dignan - They're Outnumbered - really really reminds me of Some By Sea. Which is totally awesome.
Ari Hest - Bird Never Flies (live @ Atlanta Film Festival After Party) - This guy's falsetto, when he tastefully uses it, is hard to top.

Should be on shelves soon. Or you could just [subscribe] and get a free issue.


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