Dead Heart Bloom

I got two copies of Dead Heart Bloom's Chelsea Diaries in the mail the other day, a surprise because it's literally been two months since I was asked if I wanted to have the album sent to me. It's definitely a strong album, awash in acoustic guitars and dual-harmonies. My issue is this: holy crap it sounds like a Beatles/Dylan covers record. I can think of plenty of worse musicians/bands to emulate, but this does almost border on creepy. It's very well done, the songs are well-crafted. It could pass easily as a long-lost Beatles b-sides collection. If this at all interests you, Boris Skalsky (the man behind the curtain) is giving away this and his first album for free on his website. Or you can buy it for a measly $5. Because love isn't love 'til you give it away.

Who Will You Love
Wish it Well
[from Chelsea Diaries|buy or download for free]


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