A Random Sunday Links Roundup

I'm aware that I just blogged about Ms. Clarkson, but there are some random things you should see/hear today.

1. This beautifully written article on "overrated" bands. Aka The Beatles, U2, Nirvana. Struck a nerve yet?

2. Chime.TV - seamless web design video interface. Use the main categories easily or make your own playlist/channels to send your friends. It compiles video from all the major outlets (youtube, google video, metacafe, etc) and puts it in a quick-loading, pretty format. Dummy-proof as far as I can tell.

3. You can pre-order the upcoming Rocket Summer LP (out July 17th) for only $10. And you get an autographed poster for free. Sounds like a no-brainer.

4. The amazing Wally De Backer (aka Gotye) was a guest this week on Shifted Sound's podcast. He gets interviewed and spins some of his music (both Gotye and The Basics) as well as that of some of his recommended Australian artists. You can download in mp3 or subscribe for free at ShiftedSound.


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