Book 'Em Joan

Listening to Joan as Police Woman will probably make you feel dirtygood. It might make your hips sway, you might close your eyes, fall asleep, possibly experience nocturnal emissions. After being in The Dambuilders, Antony and the Johnsons, and Rufus Wainwright's band, JaPW is Joan Waller's foray into more of a solo project with a band and it just sweats with promise. "The Ride" shows her smooth side with a deliciously sad twist that only gets better over the course of the song. "Save Me" is an incredibly sexy Buckley-esque number, especially poignant considering that they were lovers. Her velvety voice easily recalls a blend of Aimee Mann and Leslie Feist. Mmmmm.

"I've called it Punk Rock R&B but American Soul Music is better, I feel like my music is the melding of the two styles I love most - Soul, that whole encompassing Al Green, Nina Simone and Isaac Hayes, and then all the stuff that came from Punk like The Smiths, the Grifters and Siouxsie Sioux..." - Joan Waller

Save Me
The Ride
[from Real Life|buy]


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