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I'm feeling scattered today, so scattered is what you'll get. Things will be numbered, however, as per usual in times like these.

1. It's possibly too late to save you from this fate, but do NOT go see Hostel II with any expectations of it being a gore-filled awesome-fest. This movie resides between two coveted places: "So good it's good" and "so bad it's good." It lives in the avoid-at-all-costs county of "so bad it's bad." What's worse, it really had some potentially interesting plot lines (more background into the business side of the Hostel and a very good character study on two of the men who have paid money to torture two particular people) and it squanders them. It's not scary, it's not shocking, you don't even see people being killed, the camera will cut away. And just when the movie seems to be picking up steam, it literally ends and "wraps up" in less than 5 minutes and the credits roll. Seriously, don't waste your time.

2. Now that you think I'm a blood obsessed freak, I'll confirm those notions by telling you to see Bug. If you're a fan of brilliant writing/dialogue, amazing acting, and psychological tension, this is the movie for you. All the tension is created by you, the viewer. The performances in the two lead roles are incredible. The build-up is immaculately handled and explodes suddenly with shocking resonance. And because (or despite) these things, it'll make 1/20th the amount Hostel II will make. It's a damn shame.

3. And my final thoughts on movies will be this: It's halfway through 2007 and I've gotta say that Hot Fuzz might be the best one I've seen so far. Outrageously funny, superbly acted, masterfully shot and edited. I'm hoping late-summer/fall will hold a lot of great movies because thus far it's been slim pickins. Any arguments? Leave them in the comments.

4. Upcoming on linesthroughlines:
The Hearbreak List (lost love mix)
Oh, It is Love (new love mix)
the Covers Project v1 and v2.

other fun things:
the top 15 albums of 2007 (so far)
the top 20 songs of 2007 (so far)

5. And, as promised, the avant-garde jazz. A new track from indiejazzsters The Bad Plus. Courtesy of the always awesome Paste Sampler.

The Bad Plus - 1980 World Champion [from Paste Sampler 32]


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