(Not So) Famous Amos

Amos the Transparent characterizes one of my favorite things about writing this blog: They're a complete unknown who surprised me on the first listen and brought me immediate glee. Attention bands who want me to write about them: WOW me and there won't have to be any debate. The facts on Amos are as follows: Canadian (aren't they all these days). 7-piece live band. Unknown in the blogosphere save for one. Male/female vocals. Awesome.

"Title Track" opens like a Field Music song, but soon after sweeps down into a bang-clicking folk melody, then come the horns. The beautiful oooh-filled bridge (2:41-) and the unexpectedly rocking re-entry take it to the coveted level of "this song goes to 11." Throw in a stirring duet with Stars' Amy Millan and remarkable dynamic rock sensibility throughout and you'll get an album threatening to be included in the end-of-year lists.

Title Track
After All That, It's Come to This (w/ Amy Millan)
[from Everything I've Forgotten to Forget (out 8.28)|info]


Blogger scott3362 said...

That "Title Track" from ATT really is awesome...each time I hear it on XM radio's all-Canada channel 52, "The Verge," I pause all else to absorb...that dreamy "woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh" vocal bridge (christen its genre "woo-wop")...the gathering storm as the song revs up again...the horns...

I've discovered so many fantastic Canadian acts thanks to XM 52 - The Arcade Fire, The New Pornographers, Hinterland, Tegan and Sara, for starters - I'm wondering when my fellow Americans are going to wake up, look up, and say to their indie-band Neighbors to the North, after *The Price is Right* - COME ON DOWN!

5:09 PM  

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