Teenage Thrills

If you haven't heard of Dublin's The Thrills until now, I implore you to listen to the tracks below and join the party of awesome. This is epic indie joy-pop. It makes you feel good, with its breaking, playfully wavering vocals and the interplay of banjo and piano at unexpected times. The voice reminds me a lot of someone who is escaping my brain at this instant but maybe you'll hear it too. Either way, you'll probably smile and feel a little thrill at this fun musical discovery we just made.

Nothing Changes Round Here
[from Teenager (out 7/30)|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the thrills, i saw them last week in Manchester at the Night and Day, they played a load of new stuff of the album and it was amazing, I think the best new song was 'I came all this way' it might just be the best thing they've done to date!
Also he plays a mandolin not a banjo :)

9:18 AM  
Blogger drewcif said...

"I came all this way" is a great track, the album is definitely full of them. And while I'm sure you're correct that he plays a mandolin, there is most certainly a banjo on the record. Ah those silly multi-instrumentalists!

10:27 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Great discovery! I can't wait to have money to buy more records.
Check out the Lovemakers...their CD comes out about a week before this one and it's really fun..

1:04 PM  

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