The Chamber Strings Return

Chicago, IL Rivera Theatre 2001

After essentially disappearing from the planet after their 2001 modern classic Month of Sundays, Chicago's The Chamber Strings are finally priming a new LP for release this year. Critical acclaim for the band's first two releases was universal, but afterwards the band's founder/singer/core Kevin Junior fell into a deep depression and slunk below the public eye a-la Brian Wilson. The music itself is also not unrelated to the immensely talented/reclusive Beach Boy, mixing rainbow-sweet harmonies and piano with a flawless knowledge of timeless pop. This could have been just as big if it were released in 1970.

"A few heartstrings away from genius" -Uncut
"A comtemporary classic" -The Onion
"Heartwrenching! A melodic sing-along to everyone who's ever graced our lives. Not only outstanding sounds and pretty melodies, but genuine heart." -PopMatters

A Fool Sings Without Any Song
It's No Wonder
[from Month of Sundays|buy]


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