Chasing Windmills

While no one was looking, Windmill (Matthew Thomas Dillon) has put together one of the most arrestingly beautiful albums of the year. It's essentially a fully-fleshed solo project with the maestro on piano and his friends filling in the rest. His unique voice is in love it or hate it territory on par with a lot of my other favorites: Eef Barzelay and Dan Greenwood of Cloud Cult. Obviously I'm erring on the side of love. His piano cries out epically, his accompaniment dancing around him gracefully. At times, it sounds like he's enlisted the help of the fragile army of the Polyphonic Spree, other times the bombastic percussions of {+/-}. Maybe I do like Matt Dillon after all.

"...timeless and graceful. Strings and percussion, ominous echoes and
soft, sweet choirs add richness to tales of asthmatics and fashion houses,
plastic pre-flight seats and boarding lounges that you can't help
returning to. ****4 Stars" - The Guardian

Tilting Trains
[from Puddle City Racing Lights|buy]


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