Listening Assignments 7.9.07

1. Poor Richard's Press - Seasons - Dodge pretty much nailed it when he said "the shins singing simon & garfunkel." Even more accurate might be "simon & garfunkel singing simon & garfunkel." It's happy. [from I have no clue. visit their myspace!]

2. Pseudosix - Under the Waves - I love brushes on snares. The music of this is very American Analog Set, full of cool and confidence. This song is dedicated to the AC in my apartment, totally kicking ass right now. [from Days of Delay|buy]

3. mewithoutYou - Son of a Widow - A smoky, smoldering tune unlike almost everything else the band has put out. [from Catch for Us the Foxes|buy]

4. Oh No! Oh My! - The Party Punch - My descriptions on the assignments from a year ago were so short and to the point. I'm full of air recently! In response to that: This is a picnic in musical form. Happy? [from Between the Devil and the Sea|buy]


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