Listening Assignments 7.2.07

1. Cabin - I Was Here - I love this song, the feel of it. It's not a chart-topper or a life-changer, but it'd be perfectly at home on a mix-tape for your honey or a movie soundtrack. This band's got moxie, more than most. [from I Was Here EP|buy]

2. Nada Surf - Inside of Love - These guys are old school indie, still plugging away at it. I actually find their current stuff far superior to "Popular"-era Nada Surf. It's breezy and mature, focused and heartbreaking. [from Let Go|buy]

3. Arizona - Thimble - Don't give up on this one in the first :45, you might regret it. It's a little quirky, loopy, and possibly trippy. At the same time, it is sweet and innocent. A strange little keeper. [from Fameseeker and the Mono (out "soon"?)|myspace]

4. Chris Bathgate - Flash of Light - This folky, wandering song is exactly as it should be and has a really remarkable mood and build. It also contains one of my favorite lyrics in recent memory: "and the air got cold and the sky got dark/and i kissed your lips with the safety off." Rock. On. Chris. [from A Cork Tale Wake|buy]


Blogger Dainon said...

Great tunes. I'm especially in love with the Cabin and Arizona tracks. They've been on heavy repeat the past number of days.

1:42 PM  

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