Psycho Killer/American Idol 1970

Giving credit where it is due, I never would have known a thing about Charles Manson's music if I hadn't read it on Music is Art ("Manson vs. Monroe"). Totally fascinating, partially because of the circumstances, partially because it's startlingly good. I swear Pharrell has sampled or copied "Look at Your Game Girl" to make one of his mega-hits, and rightly so: It's pop gold. In 1970, he was on the cover of Rolling Stone. I found this interview from its pages though another article also exists which may reference these recordings in some way. The interview is wholly interesting if these songs tickle your fancy. I have a feeling that if I were an adult in the early '70s when Manson was "the most dangerous man in the world," these words and music might make my skin crawl. But today he is a ghost to me, a spectre of a forgotten time, and a compelling case-study of music crossed with insanity. Since the Beatles were his biggest influence and impetus to learning music, I wonder if Mr. Manson thought he was bigger than Jesus too.

Look At Your Game Girl
Home Is Where You're Happy
[from Lie: The Love and Terror Cult|buy]


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