Armchair Apocrypha: Andrew Bird

I've slept on Andrew Bird's amazing Armchair Apocrypha for over three months now. Thankfully, it popped up on my playlist again and I began digging for hidden treasure. After the first 15 seconds of "Imitosis", it was like hearing a big giant black X being drawn. In a forest. By an Owl. The treasure kept coming, too. Plucking violins, glockenspiel, tremolo-ed guitars, brush-rubbed snare drums, and plaintive piano. Bird's voice finds a sweet spot somewhere between Jeff Buckley's quivering coo and Matt Pond's everyman velvet. It is consistent and beautifully written and could easily end up in my top albums for the entire year. It may catch you on the very first listen. But if it doesn't, listen for that X, drawn by that owl, and start digging.

"i dreamed you were a cosmonaut
of the space between our chairs
and i was a cartographer
of the tangles in your hair"
a.bird -armchairs

[from Armchair Apocrypha|buy]

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Blogger drewcif said...

that's right, I said big giant. Wanna make something of it?

4:14 PM  

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