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We all live for the new stuff. The highly anticipated releases from bands in your all-time top 20. It starts to feel like it's been forever since the last one, and in some cases it has been. In the next 6-8 months, there's something coming out for everyone. For me, the highlights are Iron & Wine, Pinback, Mae, The Rocket Summer, Radiohead (Jan/Feb '08), Josh Ritter, and The New Pornographers. And probably numerous others I'm not even aware of. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's? Wesafari? Aloha? Ghosts & Liars? Say Anything? In combination to the potent attack of new music from the first half of '07, I'd say we're in for a hell of a year.

Here are two of the things I've upturned recently that get my mouth watering.

Matt Pond PA
If You Live
[from If You Want Blood EP|buy]

Iron & Wine
Carousel via the Hypemachine (click "listen" next to the top song.) incredible.
Resurrection Fern @ ElvisEnthusiastsUnite
[from The Shepherd's Dog (out 9.25)|info]

*p.s. Somehow, beyond explanation, I (or you, reader) ran through almost 10gb of bandwidth in the last 24 hours, rendering all the hosted songs useless. I'm going to spend a few mins switching the last few posts to zshare. I'm not mad, you little rascals.


Anonymous Rob said...

new Margot is on the way, it's called "Animal". they have no label though. got dropped a few weeks ago in the big nasty Artemis buy out.

but I'm sure someone will sign them in a heartbeat after the buzz they've generated this year.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous rickr said...

Wesafari appreciates the love in your posts. We are about to release an EP (which is NOT a masterpiece, but kinda cool) and are recording a new full length. keep yer ears out. -rick

9:10 PM  

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