Listening Assignments 7.16.07

1. Jason Anderson - July 4th, 2004 - I can't describe how giddy this song makes me. The exuberance is palpable as Jason hips and haws like James Brown on a sugar high. Hand claps abound and sing-a-longs swell through an amazing bridge and outro. I don't know if I've ever believed anyone more than when he sings "I will wait for you and I always will" over and over. [from Tonight (out 8.21)|buy only $5!!]

2. Tegan and Sara - The Con - This duo has never been my bag, so to speak, but when I heard this song and found out the record is produced by one Chris Walla, my ears perked up a little. So its got a tight little bassline, well-panned acoustic guitars, and it just might finally be the breakthrough hit they've always lacked. [from the Con (out 7.24)|buy]

3. Broken Social Scene - Lover's Spit - I'm 90% positive that this song is about oral sex. That aside, it's a hypnotizing little number from the always beautifully-voiced Leslie Feist and Co. It's also deceptively long with a nice mood-and-reverb-riddled instrumental outro. [from Beehives|buy]

4. Travel By Sea - I Won't Let You Down - And here's the token acoustic ballad assignment. It sounds like a poor man's Josh Ritter crossed with Jonah Matranga and it's nothing more or less than a pretty bookend to a long, hard evening. [from Shadows Rise|buy]


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